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Start at 45 (2012)

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(Lookin’ Up My) Back Door! (2011)

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Afraid of colonoscopy? Laugh your fears away!

Hi, how’re you? I am the toast of the compost…. …the Divine Ms. Butt Meddler  —but since we’re fixin’ to get so up close and personal ‘n all , please call me by my nickname, —BM.

Welcome to our colonoscopy website. Here you’ll find the very best of clean bottom humor to try to decrease the ‘ick’ factor in getting your personal periscopic procedure. If you’re behind in your screening colonoscopy, let us rectify that.

Time for your colonoscopy? You’re in the right place!

Got a friend turning fifty? Take a “wild ride on a flying scope” with digestive ditties sure to make both your toes and bowels move! The cheeky and probing Ms. Butt Meddler will bring you laughter and the intestinal fortitude you need for your own personal periscopic procedure with her charming bowel ballads.

Browse this site for stories, medical jokes, audio clips and colonoscopy cartoons that will help you crack your ‘vertical smile’.

You’ll find this site especially valuable if you’ve been told in the past to have a colonoscopy, but have been reluctant to schedule the procedure. The resources available here will help you chuckle as you learn about colon cancer.  So, relax your vintage behind and smile. You are very welcome here!

While you’re here . . .

Don’t forget to download and read the free eBook, Seven Simple Steps to a Healthy Colon from the Divine Ms. Butt Meddler herself!  It’s a fast, funny and free way to get ‘the whole poop’!

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